If you attended last year’s THWACKcamp (it was pretty great, if you weren’t able to watch), then I’m sure you’ll remember our session providing tools and insight on how to help network engineers monitor like SysAdmins. So, it’s only fair that during THWACKcamp 2018 we do the reverse—showing SysAdmins how they can monitor like network engineers.


Joining me for this session “Monitoring Like a Network Engineer When You’re a SysAdmin” will be fellow Head Geek Destiny Bertucci and SolarWinds Technical Content Manager Kevin Sparenberg. While both SysAdmins and network engineers are vital to IT, they’re doing and seeing things from completely different vantage points, which can make it challenging—but not impossible—to switch places. SysAdmins are used to changes being just a click away and totally visible. On the other hand, network engineers are pressed to see things from multiple perspectives, in a much less graphical fashion. What can make this seemingly large gap more manageable? The answer is, simply, the right tools. We’ll walk you through several demos, including looking at IP Address Manager (IPAM), NetPath, and Network Configuration Manager (NCM), so you can have a first-hand look at how easily these tools can turn a SysAdmin into a network engineer—well, at least for a day.


Are you ready for THWACKcamp 2018? Taking place October 17 – 18, this entirely free, online IT event is something we’ve been looking forward to since THWACKcamp 2017 wrapped up, and we’re excited for you to join us. Not sure you can make a last-minute trip to the event? Not a problem. THWACKcamp is completely virtual, so you can enjoy sessions and chat live with SolarWinds Head Geeks

and IT experts from the comfort of your laptop. All you have to do is register and carve out some time to learn about all the latest in the world of IT.