As an IT pro, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that monitoring is a not so secret key to your success, whether you are focused on networking, applications, storage, cloud, or some other area of the IT stack. While you may be hyper-focused and dedicated to your monitoring and the data it relays back to you, have you ever stopped to think, “What’s monitoring my monitoring?” This may sound like a never-ending loop of monitors monitoring monitoring systems (say that 10 times fast), but it’s actually something quite necessary and very feasible to do—with the right help and tools, of course.


In this THWACKcamp 2018 session, we’ll explore the different techniques and tools that can help ensure your monitoring itself is running smoothly and being properly watched. With the expertise of my co-host and Orion® Core Program Manager, Kate Asaff, we’ll enjoy an informative discussion, as well as several relevant demos, surrounding the topic of monitoring. Learn how hot-ticket issues like syslog, traps, and orphan records can be remedied thanks to the latest build of Network Performance Monitor 12.3 (NPM). Want to know how you can take care of your monitoring and not break the bank? Luckily, there’s plenty of free tools you can employ to help keep an eye on the health of your monitoring, including Traceroute NG, Storage Response Time Monitor, and the free version of Database Performance Analyzer (DPA). Not to mention, we’ll walk you through some of the great, popular SolarWinds tools employed for tracking your monitoring systems, including NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, Legacy Orion Server, and more.


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