Home from Microsoft Ignite, which means I spent a week away from news headlines and I’m now thinking I should disconnect from the headlines more often.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Facebook says nearly 50m users compromised in huge security breach

I’m beginning to think that Facebook might be awful at this security thing.


Elon Musk and Tesla to pay $40m to settle SEC case over tweets

Nice reminder that you have the right to free speech, but that doesn’t mean you are free from consequences. Oh, and one tweet can be costly.


Google reportedly pays Apple $9 billion/year to remain the iPhone’s default search engine

Makes you wonder how much money Google is making from that “free” search engine they have.


Your Notifications Are Lying to You

Read this and then re-think those alerts you have filling up folders inside of Outlook.


Apple Watch’s new auto-911 calls after falls may tumble into legal trouble

Interesting scenario outlined here, and likely a result of Apple not having a specialist in ethics involved in the design of this new feature.


Cars that talk to each other are coming soon, and could save thousands of lives

As a fan of autonomous cars, I endorse this application of technology and wish it was in place last week when my Lyft driver was involved in a minor accident.


Your Calendrical Fallacy Is...

For anyone that has ever had an issue with dates and time when building systems.


Autumn in New England. How do you like 'dem apples?!?