The World Cup is over, but can France really be happy to win a tournament for which the USA didn't qualify?


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Evaluating the Evaluation: A Benchmarking Checklist

Wonderful thoughts here on a checklist with regards to benchmarks and scalability. Wish I could go back in time and hand this to some developers that struggled with getting their code to scale.


Forget Legroom—Air Travelers Are Fed Up With Seat Width

Agreed, I’d prefer more width and elbow room. However, it’s legroom that really defines for me if I can work on my laptop. Paying for a business class seat should mean that you have room to work.


Unfollowing Everybody

I like this strategy, and I’ve done this a few times over the years. However, I’ve not thought about scripting it out, or using Excel to help drive my decisions about who to keep following.


Netflix Stuns HBO: Emmy Nominations by the Numbers

Reading this article made me realize that HBO and Netflix are clones of each other. Both companies were founded to provide media to our homes, one through cable and the other using the Post Office. Then, they both executed a pivot to be more than a distributor, they started creating the content they distribute. And now Netflix takes the lead, mostly due to their data-driven culture.


Are we truly alone in the cosmos? New study casts doubt on rise of alien life in our galaxy

The Fermi Paradox doesn’t get talked about enough. Probably because it can be a bit depressing to realize we are alone.


Apple’s most expensive MacBook Pro now costs $6,700

If you were wondering what to get a Geek like me for Christmas.


Burglar stuck in Vancouver escape room panics, calls 911

Seriously though, those rooms can be tough, and you are usually allowed a hint or two. Maybe that’s why he called.


Humbled and honored to be selected as a Microsoft MVP for the tenth consecutive year: