The big news this week is Microsoft agreeing to purchase GitHub for $7.5 billion USD. Microsoft continues to push into an area where it can be viable for the next 20 years or more. Amazon and Microsoft are slowly cornering the marketing in infrastructure hosting and development, leaving Google and Apple behind.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


What You Should Know About GitHub—And Why Microsoft Is Buying It

A quick summary to help make sense of how and why this deal happened. Seriously, it’s the right move for all parties involved. Microsoft now has the opportunity to position themselves as the number one maker of software development tools for decades to come.


Microsoft is now more valuable than Alphabet

In case you did not hear the news, Microsoft is now the third-largest company in terms of market capitalization, trailing only Apple and Amazon. Not bad for a company that can’t make a smartphone. Clearly they must be doing something right.


Coca-Cola Suffers Breach at the Hands of Former Employee

Yet another example of a former employee dealing with personal employee data. Corporations need to have strict policies and guidelines on removing access from employees the moment notice is given.


Mercedes Gone In 20 Seconds As Thieves Use Keyless Signal Cloning Tech

I’m surprised that this is possible with a late model car. Keyless entry has been around for a long time, and I could understand this vulnerability existing for an older model. But a late model Mercedes should be better than this.


An Alphabet spinoff company can cut a home’s energy bills by digging a deep hole in the backyard

I wish our country would spend more time and effort on making homes efficient. I’ve been looking into solar panels for my home, and now I’m looking into geothermal heating and cooling.


Woman found guilty of distracted driving despite claiming she was checking the time on her Apple Watch

And yet, she had to check multiple times. I would guess she was using the watch to do more than just check the time. Maybe next time she will check for a decent excuse.


Price’s Law: Why Only A Few People Generate Half Of The Results

Similar to Pareto’s Principle, Price’s Law talks about how only a few people are responsible for the majority of the output for the entire group. I am fascinated by this and will continue to look for examples (and counter-examples) in everything.


A cheat sheet for you to decipher GitHub comments: