I’m in Antwerp this week for Techorama. It’s a wonderful event in a great location, the Kinepolis, a 24-screen theater that can hold about 9,000 people in total. If you are in or around Antwerp this week, stop by and say hello.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


One-of-a-Kind Private Train Takes On Florida’s Traffic Nightmare

As much as I love autonomous vehicles, I know that having a modern rail system would be even better for our country. Here’s hoping Florida can get it done and lead the way for others to follow.


Are Low-skilled Jobs More Vulnerable to Automation?

For anyone that has ever been involved in a theoretical discussion regarding what jobs automation will replace next. Sometimes the jobs we think are easiest or best for machines are not. And some jobs (like automated index tuning for databases) are a lot easier for a robot than a human.


AI and Compute

Interesting analysis into the volume of AI projects in use now compared to six years ago. Consumption appears to double every 3.5 months. This rise in consumption is something a legacy data center would never be able to keep pace with, and is an example of where the cloud shines as an infrastructure provider.


Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency

Yes, meetings are a necessary and important part of corporate life. And no one likes them. It’s time we all underwent some ongoing training on how to make meetings an efficient use of our time.


'Sexiest Job' Ignites Talent Wars as Demand for Data Geeks Soars

At first these salaries seem silly. But there is a dearth of people that can analyze data properly in the world. And the value a company gains from such insights makes up for such high salaries. Face it folks, the future isn’t in databases, it’s in the data.


The Internet of Trash: IoT Has a Looming E-Waste Problem

Here’s the real garbage collection problem with technology today: billions of IoT devices with short lifespans. Might be wise to invest in companies that specialize in cleanup and recycling of these devices.


Uh, Did Google Fake Its Big A.I. Demo?

I think the word “faked” is meant for a clickbait headline here. Chances are Google did some editing to make it presentable. The bigger issue, of course, is just how human the interaction seemed. And that has people more upset than if it was faked entirely.


The Techorama Welcome Kit left in my room was a nice touch, and they almost spelled my name correctly: