The battle of the legends has come to an end.

Though we started with 33 only one could ascend.

Our winner is a beast who fights fire with flames.

Puff, Maleficent, Smaug, & Toothless are a few of the famed.

Hundreds of you jumped on the bandwagon,

The winner of your votes was none other than the Dragon!


Dragon won the final round claws down!

Nessie only managed to win 22% of the vote, and was a clear underdog from the start of this battle royal.

Dragon was a force of nature throughout this bracket and easily extinguished the competition each round.


Here’s a look back at Dragon’s other bracket victories:

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Fairy tales round 2: Leprechaun vs Dragon

Fairy tales round 3: Dragon vs Phoenix

Gruesomes vs Fairy Tales Round 4: Kraken vs Dragon


What are your final thoughts on this year’s bracket?


Do you have any bracket theme ideas for next year?


Tell us below!