As predicted, each matchup in the elite 8 had me on the edge of my seat! The vote was nearly evenly split in each battle making this one of the closest races to the final 4 we’ve ever seen.


Here’s a look at who’s moving on from this round:


  • Cryptids round 3: Thunderbird vs Loch Ness Monster Easily one of the most surprising outcomes of this round, Nessie shocks everyone and swims away with this one! Thunderbird had a lot of support in the comment section because of its electric abilities, but ebradford had a solid argument for why Nessie should win, “...Of course, this contest isn't really fair since a Thunderbird is fictional, and Nessie is real.” 
  • Half & Halfs round 3: Griffin vs Minotaur This was stacking up to be a close race, but in the end it was Griffin’s fly skillz that tipped the scale in its favor. rschroeder “…Traditionally, the Minotaur is always defeated in stories.  Not so the Griffin, which attains a nobility and seems to be a higher, more enlightened entity than a Minotaur. Will the body of a lion, with its powerful legs and long, sharp claws, combined with the strong feet and talons and beak of an eagle, be weapons superior to the bovine horns and human arms and legs of the Minotaur? I think so. This one should go to the Griffin.”
  • Gruesomes round 3: Medusa vs Kraken Without question the biggest rivalry of the whole bracket battle, Kraken had a lot to prove this round given its history with Medusa. The comment section showed a lot of support for Medusa as she had easily won in the Clash of the Titans—not once, but twice! For the first time in this bracket battle the underdog fish came away with the W!!!
  • Fairy tales round 3: Dragon vs Phoenix This battle was on fire! Though the Phoenix possesses the ability to rise from the ashes every time the Dragon unleashes another attack, it wasn’t enough to secure the win and move on to the next round. I’m sure a lot of brackets were busted over this one!


Were you surprised by any of the winners this round? Comment below!


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I can’t wait to see who the community picks to face off in the final round!