It's the last week of March, which means the year is about 25% complete. Time to check in on your New Year's goals and see how you have progressed. There is still time to follow through on those promises you made to yourself.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech

Understanding these twelve things is crucial if we want to work together to make tech better for everyone.


Expedia's Orbitz Suspects 880,000 Payment Cards Stolen

“Orbitz says the breached system is not part of its current website.” In other words, they weren’t hacked through the website, they let their data get stolen because they lacked proper internal security measures. But here’s the #hardtruth: They are not unique, many companies fail in this area, they just don’t know it yet.


AVA: The Art and Science of Image Discovery at Netflix

Ever wonder how Netflix decides what images to use? Meet AVA, the brains behind the machine.


Ex-Googler Wants to Upend Pigs and Hotels With the Blockchain

Finally, a practical use case for Blockchain! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had issues getting quality bacon delivered to my hotel room.


Silicon Valley Has Failed to Protect Our Data. Here’s How to Fix It

I love this idea except for one detail, and that is I don’t want the government to have any part in this effort. They move too slow, and are often at the bequests of lobbyists. Seems like something Bill Gates could put a billion dollars behind and create something more useful than anything Congress would do.


Facebook denies it collects call and SMS data from phones without permission

I want to believe Facebook here, but, well, they haven’t exactly demonstrated that they can be trusted with our data. It’s quite possible that such data was collected, but not in an official capacity. So they can deny they are doing it, which is not the same as saying it never happened.


Ford vending machine begins dispensing cars in China

I love this idea, but I’d love it more if it were full of Jeeps.


Nothing makes a meeting more fun than showing up wearing a Luchador mask: