Anyone else already #BracketBusted?

If you came to root for the underdogs in this year’s bracket battle, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Across the board the titans of the bracket stomped out the little guys.


Play-In Round: Cerberus vs. Anansi

Dog v spider, sounds like the title of a viral YouTube video, no? In the end, the arachnid didn’t stand a chance against the hound of Hades.


Let’s take a look at how our legends fared in round 1, shall we?





  • Cryptids Round 1: Yeti vs. Bigfoot - This one really could have gone either way as these two opponents were the most equally matched pair of round 1. The abominable snowman left our forested friend with frostbite and manages to roll into round 2.
  • Half & Halfs Round 1: Hippogriff vs. Pegasus - This half & halfs match-up was nearly split 50/50! It came down to a photo finish in favor of Pegasus!
  • Half & Halfs Round 1: Manticore vs. Minotaur - rschroeder's commentary explains where it all went downhill for the Manticore: “Manticore is the bigger threat.  But the Minotaur has more terror and less horror, given it's half man / half male bovine, lives in a maze that you'd never find your way out of before it got you, and the depictions I've seen have all imagined the Minotaur's Labyrinth to be all in the dark.  There's nothing quite like knowing there's a scary thing in the dark hunting you to increase your terror . . .”
  • Fairy Tales Round 1: Troll vs. Banshee - I really can’t argue with zennifer’s statement on this one “Yeah.. you need to be afraid of anything with a SHE in its name!” Though this was a close call, the Banshee earned her victory shrieks this round.


Were you surprised by any of the shutouts or nail-biters for this round? Comment below!


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