They lurk in the shadows, they creep in the dark

You may hear them shriek, howl, grunt, or bark

Fact or fiction, it’s hard to be sure

If these creatures are caught on camera, they’re only a blur

Their stories have been told for hundreds of years

Each one a lesson that forces you to confront your fears

Now it’s your turn to vote and decide forevermore

Who should be crowned the most legendary of all folklore?


Starting today, 33 of the most mythical creatures will battle it out until only one remains and reigns supreme as the ultimate legend.


The starting categories are as follows:


  • Cryptids
  • Half & Halfs
  • The Gruesomes
  • Fairy Tales


We picked the starting point and initial match-ups; however, just like in bracket battles past, it will be up to the community to decide who they think is the most legendary contestant.


*NEW* Submit your bracket: To up the ante this year, we’re giving you a chance to earn 1,000 bonus THWACK points if you correctly guess the final four bracket contestants. To do this, you’ll need to go to the personal bracket page and select your pick for each category. Points will be awarded after the final four are revealed.



Bracket battle rules:


Match-up analysis:

  • For each urban legend, we’ve provided reference links to wiki pages—to access these, just click on their name on the bracket
  • A breakdown of each match-up is available by clicking on the VOTE link
  • Anyone can view the bracket and match-ups, but in order to vote or comment, you must have a THWACK® account



  • Again, you must be logged in to vote and trash talk
  • You may vote ONCE for each match-up
  • Once you vote on a match, click the link to return to the bracket and vote on the next match-up in the series
  • Each vote earns you 50 THWACK points. If you vote on every match-up in the bracket battle, you can earn up to 1,550 points



  • Please feel free to campaign for your favorite legends and debate the match-ups via the comment section (also, feel free to post pictures of bracket predictions on social media)
  • To join the conversation on social media, use hashtag #SWBracketBattle
  • There is a PDF printable version of the bracket available, so you can track the progress of your favorite picks



  • Bracket release is TODAY, March 19
  • Voting for each round will begin at 10 a.m. CDT
  • Voting for each round will close at 11:59 p.m. CDT on the date listed on the bracket home page
  • Play-in battle opens TODAY, March 19
  • Round 1 OPENS March 21
  • Round 2 OPENS March 26
  • Round 3 OPENS March 29
  • Round 4 OPENS April 2
  • Round 5 OPENS April 5
  • Ultimate legend announced April 11


If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below and we’ll get back to you!


Who (or what) will be crowned the ultimate legend?

We’ll let the votes decide!


Access the bracket overview HERE>>