This edition of The Actuator has a handful of data privacy and security links. It would seem that as the world becomes more connected, as we all share data freely, we become a little less safe. Our trusting nature opens us up to attacks, often from places that we need to be safe (such as security patches). I'm seeing a rise in the number of articles on the topic of data security and privacy, but that may be a result of outlets knowing what stories are getting attention.


The same thing happened with shark attacks. For a while, you would have thought the sharks were massing for a hostile takeover. Then you realize that they have always been there, you just had to know where to look.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Corporate Surveillance in Everyday Life

A bit long, but worth digesting over time. The key takeaway for everyone here is this: Data you think is private isn’t. It is best to assume that everything you do is tracked. Those bits reveal your identity in ways you may not agree with or like.


Dell is considering a sale to VMware in what may be tech's biggest deal ever

Didn’t Dell just buy EMC, who owned VMware? It’s as if you bought a car, and it came with Sirius XM for two years, and before the two years were done Sirius XM bought your car back from you. Crazy.


The Ability to Fake Voice and Video is About to Change Everything

This is some deep, dark, data privacy stuff here, folks. If there ever was a need for blockchain to show actual value for humanity, now’s the time.


Ransomware Outlook: 542 Crypto-Lockers and Counting

Consider this a reminder to make three backups of your data, right now, before you are a victim.


U.S. Ports Take Baby Steps in Automation as Rest of the World Sprints

Once companies start to recognize the money they can save with automation, including AI, then we will be closer to letting the machines take over the tasks they do better, freeing humans up to handle the more human tasks.


WHATIS Going to Happen With WHOIS?

This is going to get messy and all I can think is, What Would Dalton Say? ”It’ll get worse before it gets better." Then again, if I can save money on private registrations for my domains, I’m good with that.


New Mac crypto miner distributed via a MacUpdate hack

This is why we can’t have nice things. When hackers make us uncertain about applying updates, I stop and think we should just unplug everything.


I feel bad about all the data privacy and security links so here's a picture of some bacon I enjoyed recently at The Rooster Co. You're welcome: