In Austin this week, filming an episode of SolarWinds Lab. I heard there may be snow in the forecast there. I’m starting to get the sense that winter hates me.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Google Technique Offers Spectre Vulnerability Fix with No Performance Loss

Considering they spent six months working on this, I’m not surprised. What does surprise me is the comment about how they shared their fix with other companies, including competitors. Maybe we are starting to see the beginnings of cooperation that will result in better security for us all.


Timing of $24 million stock sale by Intel CEO draws fire

Move along, nothing to see here.


Game of Drones – Researchers devised a technique to detect drone surveillance

We aren’t far away from robot armies.


Cortana had a crappy CES

For all of the money that Microsoft spends on marketing the various products and services they have to offer, I am surprised that they didn’t jump at the chance to have Cortana featured at CES.


Power restored to CES show floor after 2-hour blackout

Well, at least Cortana wasn’t to blame. And I think this shows that we are only one 24-hour blackout away from descending into total chaos as a nation.


Meltdown-Spectre: Four things every Windows admin needs to do now

Good checklist to consider, especially the DON’T PANIC part.


The puzzle: Why do scientists typically respond to legitimate scientific criticism in an angry, defensive, closed, non-scientific way? The answer: We’re trained to do this during the process of responding to peer review.

Easily the longest title ever for an Actuator link. Have a read and think about how scientists are very, very human. We are all trained to be defensive, I find this especially true in the field of IT. I’ve certainly seen this happen in meetings and in online forums.


The struggle is real: