THWACKcamp – the annual virtual learning event brought to you by SolarWinds – was amazing this year, in large part because so many live attendees were talking about new challenges IT admins they hadn’t imagined even five years ago. As usual, in our closing thoughts we mentioned that rate of change doesn’t seem to worry the THWACK community too much, because they’re proven, adaptable IT professionals with a solid track record of handling anything the business throws at them. And over and over in chat this year, attendees recommended technical learning resources like programming course links, more than ever before especially for SDN, Cloud and DevOps. So, this year we’re doing something a little different – we’re making all the THWACKcamp 2017 sessions available immediately.


The trick with THWACKcamp, is to create events that are dynamic, topical, and fun to attend live, but at the same time present a body of educational content that’s truly useful to all IT professionals for months or hopefully years afterward. In recent years, thousands of members of THWACK participated live because it’s a great opportunity to interact with other IT pros in real time. Then tens of thousands more then watch all the sessions on-demand. (Pause and rewind are especially helpful for how-tos.)


For SolarWinds, that event critical mass is indispensable because it’s part of how the team dials-in the content mix not only for the following year’s THWACKcamp, but for webinars, SolarWinds Lab, product guides in the Customer Success Center, and more. THWACKcamp is one of several tech events I recommend to anyone in IT, and all share at least a significant live element for this reason. I like the idea vendors are interested in observing honest, ungraded conversations of their users and curious IT professionals alike.


If you’re a member of SolarWinds user community curious about networking, cloud, virtualization, Linux, multi-path traffic, distributed application tracing, SIEM events, configuration, or other IT issues, and want to use your tools more effectively, check out the event session archive as always. But if you’re not a member, this year you don’t have to wait until the community preview period is over to check out thought leadership, career development, and technology roadmap conversations from industry experts and senior admins.


IT is evolving quickly and in surprising ways. Encourage curiosity in your team, continue to seek out online learning opportunities, and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. We’re IT. We do more than keep the lights on. We prove to business over and over again, that we can learn anything.


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