Tomorrow, more than 70 SolarWinds team members, five tech industry influencers, and 22 THWACK Community MVPs will celebrate months of preparation, as we welcome thousands of IT pros, DevOps pros, and MSP pros to THWACKcamp 2017.


Joining us will be Stephen Foskett of Gestalt IT, Phoummala Schmidt aka ExchangeGoddess, Michael Coté of Pivotal and host of Software Defined Talk, Nathen Harvey of Chef, Karen López of InfoAdvisors, and Clinton Wolfe of DevOpsDays Philly, all bringing their insight for some really engaging conversations.


Now in its sixth year, THWACKcamp is the leading worldwide virtual IT event that only SolarWinds could bring you. Because everything we do is about a direct connection to our end user, our annual learning event is custom-crafted to bring 19 technical sessions, practical how-tos, thought leadership, and engaging live chat directly to technology professionals who can't get away from the office without the network going down, without the data center going awry, or without the marketing team causing their entire MacBook inventory from bursting into flames.


Whether it's a panel conversation on the reports your CIO wants to see, a consideration of the Seven Deadly Sins of Data Management, conversations with IT pros who have transitioned to be data scientists [at least part-time], discussion of what it means when DevOps says "monitor," or an exploration of the five elements of a modern application performance monitoring (APM) strategy, we've got something for nearly everyone who lives and breathes IT.


Join us Wednesday and Thursday, October 18th and 19th, 2017, for two days of awesome content, and juice up your brain. We'd love to have you.