Back from Barcelona and VMworld Europe. In the past three weeks, I've logged 14k miles, on 10 flights, and delivered three sessions, and had two sessions listed in the Top Ten for each event. And in a week, I get to do it all over again at Microsoft Ignite. If you are heading to Ignite, stop by the booth and say hello. We've got plenty of stickers and buttons and maybe a few pairs of socks, too.


As always, here is a bunch of links I hope you will find interesting!


Atlanta Tests Self-Driving Vehicle In Heart Of The City

It's been a while since I've posted about autonomous vehicles, so I decided to fix that.


Self-driving trucks enter the fast lane using deep learning

And then I decided to double down by sharing info about a self-driving truck. I love living in the future! Next we'll have self-tuning databases!


Oracle preps autonomous database at OpenWorld, aims to cut labor, admin time

And there it is, the other shoe dropping. Microsoft, AWS, and now Oracle are all on the AI train and offering self-tuning systems. If you are an operational DBA, it's time to think about a pivot.


Azure Confidential Computing will keep data secret, even from Microsoft

Microsoft continues to make progress in the area of data security, because they know that data is the most critical asset any company (or person) owns.


Understanding the prevalence of web traffic interception

And this is why the Microsoft announcement matters more than any AWS product announcement. Faster storage and apps don't mean a thing if your data is breached.


Google Parent Alphabet To Consider $1 Billion Investment In Lyft

Goodbye Uber, I won't miss you, your questionable business practices, or your toxic work culture.


Identity Theft, Credit Reports, and You

Some advice for everyone in the wake of the Equifax breach: be nice until it's time to not be nice.


It's been a fun two weeks, but you are looking at two very tired friki cabezas atop the Arenas de Barcelona: