I'm home from VMworld Las Vegas for a few days before I turn around and do it all over again in Barcelona. Big events like VMworld remind me that I'm getting older, as my feet and back start to betray me. But the energy I get from engaging with customers keeps me going. It's great to talk through the problems they are facing and how our tools and products are helping. If you are in Barcelona next week, please stop by and say hello!


As always, here's some stuff I found on the internet you might find interesting. Enjoy!


465k patients told to visit doctor to patch critical pacemaker vulnerability

I'm now wondering what other medical devices might have software. Things like knees, hips, etc. This might get worse before it gets better.


WSU professor says IRS is breaking privacy laws by mining social media

If you are on Facebook bragging about getting away with tax fraud, I think you get what you deserve here.


Router flaws put AT&T customers at hacking risk

I'd wager we see these routers exploited for another hack before the end of the month.


Introducing KSQL: Open Source Streaming SQL for Apache Kafka

Am I the only one excited by the introduction of KSQL?


Microsoft just made it easier for programmers to use archrival Amazon's cloud

In a world where nothing makes sense, Microsoft has now helped foster a revenue stream for AWS.


Why is My Database Application so Slow?

HINT: It's not the database.


Massive black hole discovered near heart of the Milky Way

And it's full of socks that go missing from the clothes dryer.


This is the best part of VMworld in Las Vegas: the "Instant Bacon" appetizer at Strip Steak inside Mandalay Bay.