All too often, data professionals are our own worst enemies when it comes to handling data and data management. Many data professionals and SysAdmins fail to recognize that the danger in our own habits increases the risk that the business will fall short of its goals. The danger may not be as destructive as an all-out data breach, but we are often to blame for enabling our business end-users to lust after BIG DATA, resulting in data hoarding that leads to redundant, outdated, and trivial information (ROT).


So, while the world’s collective media shines a light on the never-ending list of security breaches, we suggest that there are common, and bigger, threats that data professionals need to guard against. Not all data professionals are guilty of every one of these sins; rather, the collection of individuals that comprise modern enterprise IT shops is culpable. In my session, "The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Management," fellow Head Geek Destiny Bertucci will join me to walk through examples for each data mismanagement sin.


THWACKcamp 2017 is a two-day, live, virtual learning event with eighteen sessions split into two tracks. This year, THWACKcamp has expanded to include topics from the breadth of the SolarWinds portfolio: there will be deep-dive presentations, thought leadership discussions, and panels that cover more than best practices, insider tips, and recommendations from the community about the SolarWinds Orion suite. This year we also introduce SolarWinds Monitoring Cloud product how-tos for cloud-native developers, as well as a peek into managed service providers’ approaches to assuring reliable service delivery to their subscribers.


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