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As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Going Multi-Cloud with AWS and GCP: Lessons Learned at Scale

Two key takeaways from this for me. First, this is the only company I’ve seen that has publicly stated they are using GCP. Second, the issues with AWS DR architecture (and old equipment in the Eastern U.S. region) make me smile when I think about how far ahead Microsoft Azure is when it comes to providing proper redundancy for customers.


Microsoft Tests Artificial Intelligence on its Drone in Nevada

I guess now that we have mastered self-driving cars, it’s time we build planes that can fly and think for themselves. I’m certain this will benefit humanity and not hasten the development of Skynet in any way.


MIT researchers use drone fleets to track warehouse inventory

That’s better. Start with something smaller than a plane that can track down items on a shelf…or humans. Skynet gets closer with each passing day.


CIA uses a secret tool to spy on NSA, FBI and other intel partners

This isn’t news. Countries spy on each other, even allied countries. And agencies inside those countries spy on each other, too. I don’t have data to verify this, but I suspect spying dates to the first time humans got together in tribes.


Leak of >1,700 valid passwords could make the IoT mess much worse

Making a bad situation worse. No idea at what point we will finally understand that our current security models are horribly broken, but I suspect it will take some Black Mirror scenarios.


Meet the man using data science to predict who dies next on Game of Thrones

Good to see people taking advances in computing and using them in ways to benefit all of mankind. Also? Tyene is as good as dead and we didn’t need a computer to tell us that.


The life-saving browser shortcut everyone should know

Okay, that’s cool. I can’t believe I hadn't heard about this before, either.


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