Back from Austin and THWACKcamp filming, and now gearing up for VMworld. I've got one session and a panel discussion. If you are attending VMworld let me know, I'd love to connect with you while in Vegas. if you time it right, you may catch me on my way to a bacon snack.


As always, here's a bunch of links I think you might enjoy.


Don't Take Security Advice from SEO Experts or Psychics

There's a LOT of bad advice on the internet folks. Take the time to do the extra research, especially when it comes to an expert offering expert opinions for free.


10 Things I’ve Learned About Customer Development

"What features your customers ask for is never as interesting as why they want them." Truth.


Researchers encode malware in DNA, compromise DNA sequencing software

This is why we can't have nice things.


An Algorithm Trained on Emoji Knows When You’re Being Sarcastic on Twitter

Like we even need such a thing.


Password guru regrets past advice

It's not just you, we all regret this advice.


The InfoSec Community is Wrong About AI Being Hype

There's more than one tech community that is underestimating the impact that Ai and Machine Learning will have on our industry in the next 5 to 8 years.


Researchers Find a Malicious Way to Meddle with Autonomous Tech

Then again, if we can keep fooling systems with tricks like this, maybe it will be a bit longer before the machines take over.


I think I'm going to play this game every time I visit Austin.