During times of rapid increase in technology, it is better to be a generalist than a specialist. You need to know a little bit about a lot of different things. This is most applicable to any database administrator who is responsible for managing instances in the cloud. These DBAs need to add to their skills the ability to quickly troubleshoot network issues that may be affecting query performance.


In my THWACKcamp 2017 session, "Performance Tuning the Accidental Cloud DBA," fellow Head Geek Leon Adato and I will discuss the skills that are necessary for DBAs to have and practice over the next three to five years.


We are continuing our expanded-session, two-day, two-track format for THWACKcamp 2017. SolarWinds product managers and technical experts will guide attendees through how-to sessions designed to shed light on new challenges, while Head Geeks and IT thought leaders will discuss, debate, and provide context for a range of industry topics.


In our 100% free, virtual, multi-track IT learning event, thousands of attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts and SolarWinds Head Geeks -- such as Leon and me -- and technical staff. Registrants also get to interact with each other to discuss topics related to emerging IT challenges, including automation, hybrid IT, DevOps, and more.


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