In Austin this week for some THWACKcamp filming. There's a lot of reasons to enjoy Austin, even in August, but being able to sit and talk with my fellow Head Geeks is by far the best reason.


Here's a bunch of links from the intertubz you might find interesting. Enjoy!


App sizes are out of control

I've been frustrated about this situation ever since I accidently started an update to an app while in another country and wasn't connected to Wi-Fi.


UK Writes GDPR into Law with New Data Protection Bill

Here's hoping that this is the start of people understanding that data is the most valuable asset they own.


Half of US Consumers Willing to Trade Data for Discounts

Then again, maybe not.


Will Blockchain End Poverty?



How a fish tank helped hack a casino

I know that IoT is a security nightmare and all, but hackers may want to think twice about the people they steal from.


“E-mail prankster” phishes White House officials; hilarity ensues

This just shows that the folks in the White House are just as gullible as everyone else.


What’s in the path of the 2017 eclipse?

Interactive map showing you the path for the upcoming eclipse.


Event Season is starting and I may need to find a new place for all my conference badges.