SysAdmin Day is upon us, you SysAdmaniacs!


It’s your day! We know how you may feel underappreciated at times throughout the year, so we went all out and created a board game in your honor. That’s right. Now, after another annoying day resetting passwords and resolving bottlenecks caused by I/O-heavy apps, you can unwind with a couple of friends and SysadMANIA!


Here's a little sneak peak of what you can expect (well something close to it):



Our game designers created SysadMANIA! with you in mind. We know what it feels like to be ignored when everything works and blamed when something breaks. We hear you! So we took your pain and turned it into hilarious fun. Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato took it for a test run (tough job, huh?) and loved the experience. They agreed that the game provides a laugh-out-loud, relatable, therapeutic, thoughtful, super fun time.


patrick.hubbard said, “When a game uses socialization and chance cards to escape the game boss, you realize that something very special is happening. It’s Cards Against IT meets D&D meets Sorry! meets Battleship… and I laughed every turn. I laughed because the work cards are funny and Brad is truly terrible, but also because it’s cathartic. If you’ve ever suffered the indignity of having a desk in the basement, falling off a ladder hanging an AP, or failing a backup recovery, you’ll laugh even harder.”



It taps into our humanity and celebrates the glory and triumph of IT over the frustration of tedium and stupid user questions. I can’t wait for the first expansion pack! Please let it be cloud.”


adatole loves it, too. He says, “Since my family observes a full day, every single week, of no electronics, we play a LOT of games. On a typical Saturday, you’ll find us around the table playing all kinds of games: Monopoly, Gin Rummy, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, even Munchkins, or Exploding Kittens.


"When the Geeks sat down and unboxed SysadMANIA! for the first time, I figured it was a one-off joke. A game about life in IT. How quaint. But the truth is that there’s a GAME here. The combination of different personas displaying various strengths and weaknesses affect your ability to get through work challenges.


"What I liked best was that SysadMANIA! can be run as your typical ‘every player for themselves’ game, but happens to be more interesting – and truer to the spirit of IT pros everywhere – when played cooperatively à la Forbidden Island.”


Check out this video, as patrick.hubbard, kong.yang, chrispaap, and stevenwhunt battle through SysadMANIA:



So, there you have it. Glowing praise for SysadMANIA! We hope the day-long showing of respect and admiration by your colleagues is just as bright. Oh and if you want to join in on the SysadMANIA fun, visit: for your chance to win some cool prizes, or even the actual board game!