Back from the beach and back in the saddle again. It was good to get away from the world for a week and sit by the lake or at the beach and just listen to the sound of the water. But, it's also good to get back to the keyboard, too.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Consumer Routers Report Concludes: It's a Market of Lemons

It's not just routers. It's every Wi-Fi-enabled appliance and device on the planet. For the folks who design and build such devices, security is not a top priority.


Azure Network Watcher

Microsoft dips its toes into the world of network monitoring. Hanselman says, "Networking people are going to go nuts over this." I'll let you decide.


Every Total Solar Eclipse in your Lifetime

In case you didn't know, or might not make, the one happening next month here in the United States.


Microsoft to employ unused TV channels to offer rural broadband

I've often commented about how Microsoft is becoming a utility company by providing a suite of cloud services. I'm now taking wagers on if they get into electricity or water next.


Here’s How Azure Stack Will Integrate into Your Data Center

Still concerned about putting your data in a public cloud? Worry no more! You can now have Azure in your own data center!


More on the NSA's Use of Traffic Shaping

I found this article interesting as I just finished the book Code Warriors while on vacation. I highly recommend it, especially for folks interested in the history of the NSA.


Keep security in mind on your summer vacation

Good tips, and not just for vacation. For anyone that travels frequently, or even decides to work from Starbuck's now and then.


Around here, it's not officially summertime until you have some Del's: