I'm in Vancouver, BC this week, and jet lag has given me some extra hours to get this edition of the Actuator done. Maybe while I am here I can ask Canadians how they feel about Amazon taking over the world. My guess is they won't care as long as hockey still exists, and they can get equipment with Prime delivery.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Windows 10 Source Code Leak is a Minor Incident at Best

Seems to be some inconsistent information regarding the Windows "leak" last week.


Recycled Falcon 9 rocket survives one of SpaceX's most challenging landings yet

I enjoy watching SpaceX make the possibility of regular space travel a real thing to happen in my lifetime.


The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak

Including this link not for the politics, but for the shoddy data security. Reminder: data is valuable; treat it right.


Is Continuing to Patch Windows XP a Mistake? -

This is a great question. I really believe that it *is* a mistake, but I also understand that Microsoft wants to help do what they can to keep users safe.


Amazon Is Trying to Control the Underlying Infrastructure of Our Economy

I'm not trying to alarm you or anything with this headline, but in related news, Walmart can be a jerk, too.


This Company Is Designing Drones To Knock Out Other Drones

Because they read the other article and know that this is the only way to save humanity.


Harry Potter: How the boy wizard enchanted the world

Because it's the 20th anniversary and I've enjoyed watching my kids faces light up when they watch the movies.


Vancouver is one of my favorites cities to visit and jog along the water:


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