Home from Techorama in Belgium and back in the saddle for a short week before I head to Austin on Monday morning. I do enjoy visiting Europe, and Belgium in particular. Life just seems to move at a slower pace there.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


The big asks of British Airways

Last year I wrote about a similar outage with Delta, so here's some equal time for a similar failure with BA. Who knew that managing IT infrastructure could be so hard?


Facebook Building Own Fiber Network to Link Data Centers

I'm kinda shocked they don't already have this in place. But more shocking is the chart that shows internal traffic growth, mostly a result of Facebook having to replicate more pictures and videos of cats.


Who Are the Shadow Brokers?

Interesting thought exercise from Bruce Schneier about this group and what might be coming next.


Web Developer Security Checklist

Every systems admin needs a similar checklist to this one.


All the things we have to do that we don't really need to do: The social cost of junk science

A nice and quick reminder about the hidden costs of junk science. Or, the hidden costs of good science.


The Calculus of Service Availability

So the next time someone tells you they need 99.9% uptime for a system, you can explain to them what that really means.


How Your Data is Stored, or, The Laws of the Imaginary Greeks

This is a bit long, set aside some time. But you'll learn all about the problems (and solutions) for distributed computing.


One thing I love about Belgium is how they make shopping for the essentials easy: