March madness brings April Awesomeness. It’s April, which means we’re getting close to the exciting and dramatic finish to Bracket Battle 2017! Round 3 had me hitting the refresh button and kept me guessing on who would win each matchup.


Let’s see who from the elite eight will move on to the final four:


  • Round 3: Groot vs Hermione Granger Watching these two battle for the lead was like watching a quidditch match. Hermione used every spell in the book, but it was Groot who won this match in the end. bigmclargehuge gave some insight into the struggle between Groot vs Hermione, “ This is a tough call for me. Hermione was a great companion in the story, but Groot was an integral team player. I voted against Groot vs. Ford Prefect, but I gotta go with Groot here. He just seems like the better sidekick!
  • Round 3: Dr. Watson vs Samwise Samwise fought the good fight, but now he’s headed back to shire to eat some po-ta-toes. stevenastem commented, “I like Watson's approach to Holmes better than Sam's approach to Frodo.  Plus I think you can argue that Sam is actually the hero with Frodo his simpering sidekick.  Sure Frodo is 'in charge' but I think that was a mistake.”
  • Round 3: Pinky vs Garth Algar Garth’s Cinderella story finally came to an end this round. He was the underdog in the play-in round and managed to party all the way to the elite eight. Excellent. Pinky is definitely the underdog (er mouse) taking on Chewbacca, the favorite to win in the next round.
  • Round 3: Chewbacca vs Agent K  Chewbacca continues his streak with another landslide win! ecklerwr1 is already predicting Chewbacca will win the whole thing, “Chewbacca is going ALL THE WAY!!!!!



Were you surprised by any of the round 3 outcomes? Comment below!


To quote our friend Garth, it’s time to “live in the now” and move on to the next round of bracket battle. Check out the updated bracket & start voting for the ‘Distinguished’ round now! We need your help to determine who will move on to the finals in the ultimate sidekick bracket battle!


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