Great Scott! Round 2 was full of surprise upsets and matches that were almost too close to call! Bracket Battle 2017 continues to be wildly unpredictable—this might come down to a photo finish folks!


Let’s see how our sidekicks did in this round:



  • Round 2: Groot vs Dr. Emmett Brown  There was a lot of support for Doc Brown in the comment section, but it was Groot who won this round by a splinter! amore1329 explained, “Well, inventing the Flux Capacitor was impressive, but we are talking about an intergalactic space plant, with anger issues and an extremely limited vocabulary...who just happened to save his entire team from certain death and then came back as a cute dancing tree who has great taste in music.”

  • Round 2: Shaggy Rogers vs Garth Algar This match-up had us all on the edges of our seats! Shaggy had the early lead then Garth pulled ahead and then Shaggy again. From downtown with the buzzer shot it was... Garth FTW! It all came down to 5 votes!
  • Round 2: Pinky vs Donkey  Pinky proved to us all that it’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play. Donkey will be okay though, he informed us that he’s going to wake up tomorrow and make waffles. sparda963 totally predicted the outcome of this match, “I think this one will be a nail-biter for sure! I had to give it to Pinky though. If it wasn't for him, Brain would have taken over the world easily! So Pinky saved us all over and over again.”



  • Round 2: Hermione Granger vs Bucky Barnes  tinmann0715 called this one early on, “ I predict blowout. Seriously... however close this ends up it shouldn't even have been that close.” familyofcrowes summed up this match in 3 words “magic beats bionics....”
  • Round 2: Wilson vs Dr. Watson  Wilson really dropped the ball this round and was voted off the island. ecklerwr1 commented, “Whew I can't even believe that the volley ball won the first round. Thank goodness Dr. Watson has the ball literally "on the ropes" lololol!”
  • Round 2: Samwise vs Gromit  Samwise manages to stay in this battle because he knows how to be a loyal team player.
  • Round 2: Chewbacca vs Tonto  danielv said what we were all thinking, “Expected this to be a landslide - not surprised by the results!”
  • Round 2: Ford Prefect vs Agent K  This was a tough loss for all the true geeks out there. Good effort guys. Ford lost by almost 42% mcam wrote, “true geeks would be Ford all the way K was cool just because of TLJ and no other reason. Ford was part of the team that got us 42 - I mean, come on now”


Were you surprised by any of the outcomes for this round? Comment below!


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