Holy round one upset Batman! Our fifth annual bracket battle has already proven to be the most unpredictable we have ever seen. Maybe it’s the wide range of characters who span decades of pop-culture, but the community seemed pretty torn on most match-ups in the “noteworthy” round.


Let’s take a look at how our sidekicks fared in this round:



  • Robin Vs Groot: For many, Robin is the quintessential sidekick, however, he was no match for Groot who gained fame in the Guardians of the Galaxy. ecklerwr1 offered one possible explanation for this huge upset: “I think this is a little age related to be honest. Many younger users probably didn't watch all the batman and robin movies and cartoons.”

  • Goose Vs Chewbacca:  No surprises in this match-up, the Wookiee warrior easily takes down the Top Gun Wingman. ajmalloy “Goose drew the worst possible first round opponent”

  • Samwise Vs Tina Ruth Belcher:  Easily one of the biggest shutouts this round! It appears that loyalty and sacrifice were more valued attributes in a sidekick than an obsession with zombies and working hard at the family restaurant. tallyrich “Samwise - that's a sidekick that will do what it takes.”

  • Shaggy Rogers Vs Morty Smith KMSigma explains how this was a loyalty vote for him (and everyone else apparently) “Sorry man - loyalty wins.  I do love me some Morty and can't wait for the next season, but we have, what, 20 episodes of R&M and have had Norville "Shaggy" Rogers since 1969?  And originally voiced by Casey Kasem?  Sorry, but Summer's stuttering little brother doesn't compare for me.”

  • Willow Rosenberg Vs Dr. Emmett Brown: Great Scott! This was no contest. The time traveling mad scientist easily beat out the vampire-slaying sidekick.

  • Rick Jones Vs Hermione Granger: Hermione used her magic to run away with the win. Maybe Rick would have had better luck if he were a more loyal sidekick. tinmann0715 “Points lost from Rick because he was a sidekick to so many different characters. In my eyes a sidekick is to be loyal.”

  • Bob, Agent Of Hydra Vs. Bucky Barnes: Neither sidekick seemed very popular in this match-up, nevertheless Bucky managed to win this round in a landslide.

  • Genie Vs. Dr. Watson: Magic lamps & wishes were surprisingly no match for the mystery solving sidekick, Dr Watson.

  • Pinky Vs Barney Rubble: chippershredder summed up this match-up perfectly “So Brain, What are we going to do today?” “Same thing we do every day, Pinky.  Use SolarWinds to take over the world!”

  • Barney Fife Vs Agent K: Unfortunately, the deputy sheriff of Mayberry was no match for the MIB.

  • Ford Prefect Vs Keenser: Ford Prefect FTW in this intergalactic shutout!



  • Jiminy Cricket Vs. Wilson: This match-up came down to the wire, but in the end it was the Castaway companion who came out ahead. For a match-up between a cricket and a volleyball, it was decidedly heated. jeremymayfield “How can a bloody volleyball be beating the legend, an icon?  Its just not right people.   The ball didn't even make it through the entire movie, he washed away. Jiminy appears in many more cartoons over the years.”

  • Dwight Schrute Vs. Gromit: Choosing between a goofy office sidekick and a life-saving dog was tough for everyone. In the end Gromit came out ahead. silverwolf “Gromit definitely! He saves everyone waaaayyyy tooo many times.

  • Bullwinkle Vs Donkey: Another battle of the generations, but the voters who grew up with Shrek decided the winner in this match-up!

  • Luigi Vs Garth Algar: Garth is on a winning streak! First, he beats Spongbob and now Luigi! Mamma Mia!

  • Tonto Vs Short Round: Without a doubt the closest match-up of this round. ecklerwr1 was all of us when he said “Wow can't believe this is close... Tonto FTW!”


Were you surprised by any of the shutouts or nail bitters for this round? Comment below!


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