March madness is upon us! I'm not just talking about the NCAA tournament here in the United States, I'm also talking about the Bracket Battle 2017 here on THWACK®. As a former basketball player and coach, I love March. Not only do we get treated to some of the best basketball games, but spring arrives to help us forget all about the winter months.


Anyway, here's a handful of links from the intertubz I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy!


Netflix is launching a simplified rating system to improve its suggestions

This sounds great until you realize you use your profile to watch movies with your kids, and that's why you keep seeing "Goosebumps" in your recommendations.


GitHub - bcicen/ctop: Top-like interface for container metrics

Not a post, but a link to GitHub where you can find a project on "ctop," which is running the top command, but for containers. Yes, I find this fascinating.


Star Trek Ransomware Boldly Encrypts

It was only a matter of time before the ransomware folks got around to using Star Trek in some cute attempt to make their crimes seem less horrible.


Password Rules Are BS

A nice reminder about the disservice we've done to ourselves with password rules.


The most detailed maps of the world will be for cars, not humans

The amount of data behind autonomous cars is staggering. Here's hoping we don't have to wait for them much longer.


Thieves are pickpocketing wallet apps in China

Yet another reason to not enjoy QR codes: they are now being used for theft. It won't be long before this crime becomes common here, I expect. This is also the time to remind you that QR codes kill kittens.


From a walk in Brussels a few years ago, I think something got lost in translation: