The Ides of March are upon us. And with the Ides comes one of my least favorite things: Daylight Saving Time. I'm one of those "UTC forever" fanboys, because I've suffered having to work with systems that fail to consider how to track, or properly convert, datetimes. On the other hand, I do recognize the trouble by trying to convert everyone to UTC. The link at the end is a nice thought experiment for anyone who has to work with datetimes.


As always, here's a handful of links from the intertubz I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy!


Spammergate: The Fall of an Empire

One dozen people, 1.4 billion emails a day. Nice summary of how a handful of groups came together to take this spam empire offline.


The WikiLeaks CIA hacking documents include spy tools literally from sci-fi

Most of the articles about the CIA spy hacks last week were like this one: clickbait. The details in the Wikileaks appear to be quite dated, resulting in Apple, Google, and Microsoft to all declare that the vulnerabilities have been patched long ago.


Artificial intelligence: Cooperation vs. aggression

A nice reminder that computers will do what we tell them to do. If we tell them to shoot people, we shouldn't be surprised when they shoot people.


DevOps has reached critical mass, CIOs need to get on board

I dislike the marketing term DevOps, but I *love* how it helps describe a modern software development lifecycle. It's hard to believe that there is any CIO out there that isn't subscribing to such methods.


Serverless is the new Multitenancy

A quick summary of the future of SaaS. Server-less architecture is going to allow cloud providers the ability to scale further than they do now. I suspect that for the end-user we won't have to worry about creating such functions, we will just click buttons and the plumbing will be handled for us.


30 Questions to Ask a Severless Fanboy (or Fangirl)

Because if server-less gets brought into a discussion you are having, you should be prepared to ask a few basic questions.


So You Want Continuous Time Zones

Someone had a bit of time on their hands, pun intended. This thought experiment was worth the time, and has a wonderful conclusion: "The sad, ultimate truth of modern timekeeping is this: it's not perfect, but it doesn't honestly get a whole lot better."


With the Perfstack™ launch this week, I am reminded how much I love working here at SolarWinds, and this image best describes why: