Back in the office this week and excited for the launch of PerfStack. If you haven't heard about PerfStack yet, you should check out the webcast tomorrow: PerfStack Livecast


As usual, here's a handful of links from the intertubz I thought you might find interesting. Enjoy!


Cloudflare Coding Error Spills Sensitive Data

A nice reminder about how you are responsible for securing your data, not someone else. Although Cloudflare® was leaking data, a company such as 1Password was not affected because they were encrypting their data in more than one way. In short, 1Password assumed that SSL/TLS *can* fail, and took responsibility to secure their data, rather than relying on someone else to do that for them. We should all be mindful about how we treat our data.


Microsoft Invests in Real-time Maps for Drones, and Someday, Flying Cars

Can we skip autonomous cars and go right to flying cars? Because that would be cool with me. And Microsoft® is doing their part to make sure we won't need to use Apple® Maps with our flying cars.


Expanding Fact Checking at Google

Nice to see this effort underway. I'm not a fan of crowdsourced entities such as Wikipedia, as they have inherent issues with veracity. Would be good for everyone if we could start verifying data posted online as fact (versus opinion, or just fake).


Wikipedia Bots Spent Years Fighting Silent, Tiny Battles With Each Other

Did I mention I wasn't a fan of Wikipedia? As if humans arguing over facts aren't bad enough, someone thought it was a good idea to create bots to do the job instead.



Besides the issue with fact checking, the internet is also a cesspool of misery. Perspective is an attempt to use Machine Learning to help foster better (or nicer) conversations online. I'm curious to see how this project unfolds.


Microsoft Surface: NSA Approves Windows 10 Tablets for Classified Work

Interesting to note here that this is only for devices manufactured by Microsoft, and not other vendors such as HP® or Dell®. What's more interesting to note is how Microsoft continues to make progress in areas of data security for both their devices and the hosted services (Azure®).


Alphabet's Waymo Alleges Uber Stole Self-Driving Secrets

I am simply amazed at how many mistakes Uber® can make as a company and still be in business.


The weather has been warm and Spring-like, so I decided to put the deck furniture out. So now, if it snows two feet next week, you know who to blame: