Back from Germany and on vacation this week. But I'm not going to let a few days off get in the way of browsing the internet for things to share with you. Enjoy!


Mobile Ransomware Jumps 50% in a Year

The article focuses on Android devices, which have always had quality control concerns for apps in their store. Say what you will about Apple, but control over their store leads to lower risk for consumers. And Microsoft doesn't have this issue because they have no apps.


Trump and His Android Phone Putting National Security at Risk

I have no idea why we don't simply take away his toys. It's almost as if Trump has no idea about the risks involved.


German parents urged to destroy data-collecting toy doll

As if having my refrigerator and television spying on me wasn't enough to worry about. Now I have to worry about dolls.


Why buying used cars could put your safety at risk

"The car is smart, but not smart enough to know who it's owner is." Classic design fail here, as the developers never thought about the idea that a car may have more than one owner.


Poor Access Management Leads to $5.5M HIPAA Penalty

Show this to the next person that wants to know why you care so much about data security. Well, that is, if you do. And you should.


Amazon Takes on Skype For Business With Chime But It Won’t Come Cheap

Watching Microsoft and Amazon compete head-to-head on each and every product possible tells me one thing: Amazon is the new Apple, but without the overpriced hardware and underwhelming software. The next 30 years should be fun to watch as Microsoft and Amazon compete for our dollars.


Our workshop was full last week, with 50 people grouping together to do hands-on lab exercises with SQL Server 2016 running on Azure VMs: