What’s an IT seagull? An IT seagull is a person who swoops into projects, takes a dump on everything, then flies off, leaving the rest of the team to clean up the mess. We all know an IT seagull. They tend to be in management positions. Heck, we might even be guilty of being IT seagulls ourselves every once in a while. So how does one prevent IT seagulls from wreaking havoc on mission-critical projects?


First, stick to the data – specifically, time series data that can be correlated to root cause issues. The key to troubleshooting is to quickly surface the single point of truth to eliminate the IT blame game. This effectively nullifies IT seagulls with data that clearly shows and correlates cause and effect.


Second, collaboration tends to deter IT seagulls. Being able to share an expert’s point of view with another subject matter expert to give them specific insights to the problem is powerful when you are trying to quickly remediate issues across multiple stacks because it allows decisive action to take place.


Third, by focusing on the connected context provided by time series data that cuts across the layers of the entire stack, teams can eliminate the IT seagull’s negative potential, even as they are busy dropping gifts that keep on giving from the skies.


Do you know any IT seagulls? Share your stories and how you overcame them in the comments below.