At Tech Field Day 13, we gave everyone a sneak peek at some of the cool features we’ll be launching in March. If you missed the sneak peak, check out the footage below:



Our PerfStack Product Manager has also provided a detailed blog post on what you can expect from this cool feature. In the near future, look for the other Product Managers to give you more exclusive sneak peeks right here on THWACK.


Join the conversation

We are curious to hear more about what you think of PerfStack. After all, we used your requests to build this feature. With that said, I’ve seen several requests in THWACK expressing what you need from an Orion dashboard. I would love to hear from those of you directly in the IT trenches, specifically some ideas on how you would manipulate all this Orion data with PerfStack.


Personally, I would use PerfStack to visually correlate the page load times in synthetic transactions as observed by WPM with web server performance data in WPM and network latency from NetPath, and maybe storage performance from SRM to get a better understanding of what drives web server performance and what is likely to become a bottleneck that may impact end user experience if load goes up. But we want to hear from you.


If you had access to PerfStack right now, what would you do with it?

What interesting problems could you solve if you could take any monitoring object from any node that you are monitoring with Orion? What problems would you troubleshoot? what interesting use cases can you imagine? What problems you are facing today would it help you solve?


Let us know in the comments!