In Geek Speak(TM), THWACK(R) MVP Eric Hodeen raised the concern that networks are increasingly becoming vulnerable to outdated network devices like routers and firewalls, and even IoT devices now making their way into the workplace. (See Are Vulnerable Routers and IoT Devices the Achilles Heel of Your Network?) The reason, he writes, is that these devices are powered by lightweight and highly specialized operating systems that are not hardened and don’t always get patched when vulnerabilities are discovered. Eric then goes on to give several recommendations to defend against the risks these devices pose. In closing his article, Eric reminds us that security defenses rest on a combination of technical and procedural controls and that there is a direct correlation between configuration management and security management. He then makes the assertion that “perhaps one of the best security tools in your toolbox is your Network Configuration and Change Management software.” We couldn’t agree more. 


It’s for this very reason that Network Configuration Manager (NCM) continues to receive so many industry security awards. In late 2016, SolarWinds(R) NCM received two noteworthy awards for security management.

In November, SC Magazine recognized NCM as a 5-star “Best Buy” for Risk and Policy Management. In recognizing NCM, SC Magazine said:


“Simple to deploy, very clean to use, and SolarWinds’ decades of experience with internet-working devices—especially Cisco(R) —really shows.” 


  You can read the full article here


In December GSN recognized SolarWinds NCM as the Best Compliance/Vulnerability Assessment Solution as part of its 2016 Homeland Security Award. The GSN Awards are designed to recognize the most innovative, important technologies and strategies by U.S. and International IT and Cybersecurity companies, Physical Security companies, and Federal, State, County and Municipal Government Agencies. 


You can review all GSN award winners here


Network security and compliance is a never-ending job. Bad actors devise new hacks, new software mean new vulnerabilities, and network changes bring new security controls. Manually doing everything needed to make your network secure and compliant no longer works. This is where NCM can help you to: 


  • Standardize configurations based on policy
  • Immediately identify configuration changes
  • Create detailed vulnerability and compliance reports
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and policy violations


Using NCM is like having an experienced security engineer on staff.  So don’t just do the work of network security and compliance—automate it using NCM to get more done.  

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