In Austin this week for the 50th Labiversary, I hope you have the opportunity to join us for the celebration. Words cannot express just how much fun it was to put together the 50th episode. I hope the fun shows on camera when you watch.


Anyway, here's a bunch of links I found on the Intertubz that you may find interesting, enjoy!


The Yahoo you know is not changing its name

No, but it is changing the people on the board, with Marissa Meyer being the biggest name to be shown the door. In the 4+ years she has been in charge of Yahoo the only thing she made better was her own bank account (over $300 million total).


Yahoo's security is a huge mess

And yet Verizon is still willing to buy this company because they believe that the Yahoo brand has value. In my mind, when I hear the word Yahoo, I think "the most insecure thing on the planet, next to Bluetooth".


Yahoo may be dead, but Lycos still survives. Somehow.

Maybe Verizon can buy Lycos next. Or Tripod, because apparently that still exists, too.


Trump's cyber-guru Giuliani runs ancient 'easily hackable website'

I'm sure this is nothing to worry about, right? What's the worst that can happen?


3 Simple Steps To Disrupt Ransomware

Because it's always worth reminding folks that backups are the key to being able to recover and avoid ransomware from ruining your day.


A few nights ago, over a liberal quantity of beers, my friends and I came up wit...

A fascinating conspiracy theory that I felt compelled to share here.


How Do Individual Contributors Get Stuck? A Primer

Interesting collection of thoughts on how people get stuck on certain tasks, and why.


Adding a new #nerdshirt to my collection this week: