If you are like me, you watch your fair share of movies and TV. And being a seasoned IT pro, I always watch with a discerning eye when IT plays a critical role in advancing plot. One of my particular not-so-favorite clichés is when the cynical computer whiz (baseball cap worn usually askew) sits down in front of a
GUI-based PC and just starts hammering away at the keyboard and all these windows flashing up and colors start to dazzle on the monitoring all the time muttering nonsensical IT jargon under his or her breath. Brilliant!


What once started with War Games, way back when that led to the proliferation of recreational BBS'es (which eventually gave way to the internet for the masses), Hollywood's focus on IT trailed off, with the occasional exception during the 90s. Over the past seven or eight years, Hollywood finally recognized geek chic and started using IT as the central theme in movies and TV.  I am still on the fence as to whether or not this is a good thing. Remember that discerning eye I mentioned? My teeth gnash and my nails dig in when I watch such obvious IT gaffes displayed for all to see.


Here is the latest example that a friend brought to my attention. The decent AMC show, Halt and Catch Fire. I can take it or leave it. To me, the series is filled with a little too much self-importance. An episode from earlier this season had a member doing something “dangerous.”