I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend, and that it was alert-free for you and your company. We hosted 17 people at my home, including some family members we have not seen in years. It was a good time, but tiring, so I'm going to use this week to recharge my batteries a bit.


Of course, that won't stop me from putting together The Actuator this week. So here's a bunch of links I found on the Intertubz that you may find interesting. Enjoy!


Thinking Beyond the Network Layer: Why the Entire Attack Surface Counts

If you think IoT is a security issue, wait until microservices hit you right in the DevOps.


Security Risks of TSA PreCheck

This is a tough one for me. I fly a lot, and I feel the TSA is fairly useless with regards to security. However, the alternatives presented for removing the TSA are often those that infringe upon a right to privacy, or are overly militaristic. Not sure I want to give up those rights in exchange for a few extra minutes of security theater when I fly.


Four Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2017

This article could have just stopped at "move beyond passwords," but that advice is worth sharing as much as possible.


Virgin America flight delayed after passenger Wi-Fi hotspot named 'Samsung Galaxy Note 7'

There's no mention if the passengers beat this person with their complimentary SkyMall magazines.


Canada declares ‘high-speed’ internet essential for quality of life

Well, since they figured out healthcare already, now they can focus on the important things.


SQL Server on Linux: How? Introduction

Some light holiday reading for adatole , sharing some of the details on how the SQL Server team ported their code to Linux. Okay. I might be the only one that finds this interesting, not just from a tech geek viewpoint, but from a business viewpoint, too.


Quite possibly my favorite gift this year: