Only a few shopping days remaining before Christmas! I hope you and yours are settling in for a long holiday weekend. We host our families each year, meaning there will be fifteen people here on Sunday. Naturally I ordered the Roast Beast for the main dish.


Anyway, here's a bunch of links I found on the Intertubz that you may find interesting, enjoy!


My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What?

Well, for starters, you could try explaining why you are using Yahoo for email.


Verizon Rethinking The Yahoo Purchase Deal After Breach

If Verizon even has an ounce of intelligence at the highest levels they will run, not walk, away from Yahoo before the end of the week. I cannot imagine they would still want to go through with this deal.


Over 8,800 WordPress Plugins Have Flaws: Study

Yes, and this is why I make an effort to keep my plugins to a minimum and get them updated frequently. Well, that was the plan until a failed update crashed my blog for two days. So I got to play Wordpress Admin last week. Yay.


AWS Launches Managed Services

Amazon takes a step into the future of IT by launching this service. I would expect a lot of this managed service to be automated and built into the cost, just as Microsoft is currently doing with Azure.


Cisco Is Shutting Down Its Cloud

If you are like me you will read this and think "Cisco has a cloud?", followed by "Why?"


DevOps Will Underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Setting aside their inflated sense of self-importance, DevOps now feel that they are about to start an industrial revolution. The author of this article should be shown a history book on technology: DevOps isn't new, it's just a marketing buzzword. And I can only hope that as a result of this "revolution" DevOps will find a way to automate away the use of the term "DevOps", right before they automate themselves out of a job.


Evernote’s new privacy policy raises eyebrows

Because awful privacy violations shouldn't be limited to governments here comes EverNote to do their part in making the world a little less safer.


My son having a lengthy discussion about requirements and deliverables: