I *may* have eaten my weight in turkey and stuffing last week. But the best part about the holiday was how I spent the better part of four days disconnected from just about everything. Disconnecting from time to time was the subject of a talk by adatole recently at a DevOpsDays event. Here's the video if you want to see Leon deliver a wonderful session on a topic that is important to everyone, inside and outside of IT.


Also, here's a bunch of other links I found on the Intertubz that you may find interersting, enjoy!


Great. Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You

As if I needed more reasons to be paranoid, apparently even my tinfoil hat won't help stop this threat.


Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall Breached

A. Full. Year.


Shift Your Point of View to When America Was “Better”

Because I love data visualizations, and so should you.


How Long Did It Take To Make Food in Ancient Times?

Pretty sure if I had to wait 20 days to make some coffee my head would explode.


Oracle Bare Metal Cloud: Top Considerations and Use-Cases

The more I read pieces like this, the more I think Oracle is a sinking ship. Take this quote for example: "we begin to see that there is a market for public cloud consumption and the utilization of cloud services". Hey, Larry, it's 2016, most of us knew there was a market 10 years ago. And telling me that your Cloud will be better than other clouds becuase...why exactly?


Ransomware Result: Free Ticket to Ride in San Francisco

Get used to seeing more attacks like this one, but more disruptive. It wouldn't take much to shut down the trains altogether in exchange for a quick payout.


Fake News Is Not the Only Problem

A bit long, and politics aside, the takeaway for me here is the sudden realization by many that the Internet may not be the best source of news.


When your team is stuck, rub a little DevOps on your process and everything will be fine: