In Redmond this week for the annual Microsoft MVP Summit. I enjoy spending time learning new things, meeting fellow MVPs, and exchanging ideas directly with the data platform product teams. Being able to provide some influence on future product direction, as well as features, is the highlight of my career right now. It's a wonderful feeling to see your suggestions reflected in the products and services over time.


Anyway, here's a bunch of links I found on the Intertubz that you might find interesting, enjoy!


Banks Look Up to the Cloud as Computer Security Concerns Recede

For those of you still holding out hope that the Cloud isn't a real thing to be taken seriously, this is the asteroid coming to wipe you and the rest of the dinosaurs out.


Minecraft: Education Edition officially launches

Looks like we've found a way to get kids to stop playing Minecraft: we've turned it into work.


Dongle Me This: Why Am I Still Buying Apple Products?

Because they are simple and (usually) just work. But yeah, the dongles are piling up in this house as well.


Two Centuries of Population, Animated

You know I love data visualizations, right? Well, here's another.


Practical Frameworks for Beating Burnout

Long but worth the read, and do your best to consume the message which is "do less, but do it well".


There is no technology industry

It's never about the tech, it's *always* about the data.


This ransomware is now one of the three most common malware threats

Excuse me for a minute while I take backups of everything I own and store them in three different locations.


Next week I am expecting to see a lot of screens like this one, installing SQL Server on Linux:

sql-linux - 1.jpg