Home for a week after the PASS Summit before heading back out to Seattle on Sunday for the Microsoft MVP Summit. It's the one week a year where I get to attend an event as an attendee and not working a booth or helping to manage the event. That means, for a few days I get to put my learn on and immerse myself in all the new stuff coming to the Microsoft Data Platform.


As usual, here's a bunch of links I found on the Intertubz that you might find interesting, enjoy!


AtomBombing: The Windows Vulnerability that Cannot be Patched

I've been digging around for a day or so on this new threat and from what I can tell it is nothing new. This is how malware works, and the user still needs to allow for the code to have access in the first place (click a link, etc.). I can't imagine who among us falls for such attacks.


This is the email that hacked Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief

Then again, maybe I can imagine the people that fall for such attacks.


Apple's desensitisation of the human race to fundamental security practices

And Apple isn't doing us any security favors, either.


Mirai Malware Is Still Launching DDoS Attacks

Just in case you thought this had gone away for some reason.


Earth Temperature Timeline

A nice way of looking at how Earth temperatures have fluctuated throughout time.


Surface Studio zones in on Mac's design territory

We now live in a world where Microsoft hardware costs more than Apple hardware. Oh, and it's arguably better, too, considering the Surface still has the escape and function keys.


Swarm of Origami Robots Can Self Assemble Out of a Single Sheet

Am I the only one that's a bit creeped out by this? To me this seems to be getting close to having machines think, and work together, and I think we know how that story ends.


Management in ten tweets

Beautiful in its simplicity, these tweets could serve as management 101 for many.


I wasn't going to let anyone use the SQL Sofa at PASS last week until I had a chance to test it first for, um, safety reasons.

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