I'm in Seattle this week at the PASS Summit. If you don't know PASS, check out sqlpass.org for more information. This will be my 13th consecutive Summit and I'm as excited as if it was my first. I am looking forward to seeing my #sqlfamily again.


Anyway, here's a bunch of stuff I found on the Intertubz in the past week that you might find interesting, enjoy!


DDoS attack against DNS provider knocks major sites offline

Yet another reminder that the internet is fragile, and you can't rely on any service provider to be up 100% of the time.


10 Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

A bit long but worth the read. I am certain you will identify (painfully at times) with at least 8 or more of the items on this list.


What will AI make possible that's impossible today?

Also a bit long, but for someone that enjoys history lessons I found this worth sharing.


Go serverless for the enterprise with Microsoft Azure Functions

One of the sessions from Microsoft Ignite I felt worth sharing here. I am intrigued by the 'serverless' future that appears to be on the horizon. I am also intrigued as to how this future will further enable DDoS attacks because basic security seems to be hard for most.


Bill Belichick is done using the NFL’s Microsoft Surface tablet he hates so much

On the bright side, the announcers keep calling it an iPad, so there's that.


Here's how I handle online abuse

Wonderful post from Troy Hunt on how he handles online abuse. For those of us that put ourselves out there we often get negative feedback from the cesspool of misery known as the internet and Troy shares his techniques.


Michael Dell Outlines Framework for IT Dominance

"Work is not a location. You don't go to work, you do work." As good as that line is, they forgot the part about work also being a never ending day.


Microsoft allows Brazil to inspect its source code for ‘back doors’

I've never heard of this program before, but my first thought is how would anyone know if Microsoft was showing them everything?


I managed to visit some landmarks while in Barcelona last week, here's Legodaughter in front of Sagrada Familia:

lego - 1.jpg