I'm heading to VMworld in Barcelona next week, so if you are there let me know as I would love to talk data and databases with you. I'm co-presenting with David Klee and we are going to be talking about virtualizing your database server. I have not been to Barcelona in 10 years, I'm looking forward to seeing the city again, even briefly.


Here's a bunch of stuff I found on the Intertubz in the past week that you might find interesting, enjoy!


Cloud by the Megawatt: Inside IBM’s Cloud Data Center Strategy

If you are like me you will read this article and think to yourself "Wait, IBM has a Cloud?"


VMware, AWS Join Forces in Battle for Enterprise Cloud Market

This partnership marks an important shift in the market and should cause some concern for Microsoft. That being said, I also see this partnership as a last-ditch effort to keep VMware relevant before being absorbed completely by Dell.


Here are the 61 passwords that powered the Mirai IoT botnet

Proving once again that the cobbler's children have no shoes, we have an army of devices built by people that should know better, but don't put into practice the basics of security.


Twitter, Microsoft, Google and others say they haven’t scanned messages like Yahoo

I feel I have heard this story before, and I think I know how it ends.


Are microservices for you? You might be asking the wrong question

"Change for the sake of change is rarely a sensible use of time." If only they taught this at all the charm schools known as the MBA.


Latency numbers every programmer should know

Not a bad start at a complete list, and I would argue that more than just programmers should know these numbers. I've had to explain the speed of light to managers before.


7 Times Technology Almost Destroyed The World

Here's hoping the robots can act a bit more like humans when it counts the most.


Autumn has arrived here in New England, and that means apple picking is in full swing:

apple - 1.jpg