Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth at Microsoft Ignite last week, it was great talking data and databases. I'm working on a summary recap of the event so look for that as a separate post in Geek Speak later this week.


In the meantime, here's a bunch of stuff I found on the Intertubz in the past week that you might find interesting, enjoy!


Will IoT become too much for IT?

The IoT is made up of billions of unpatched and unmonitored devices, what could possibly go wrong?


Largest ever DDoS attack: Hacker makes Mirai IoT botnet source code freely available on HackForums

This. This is what could go wrong.


Clinton Vows To Retaliate Against Foreign Hackers

I don't care who you vote for, there is no way you can tell me you think either candidate has any idea what to do about the Cyber.


Marissa Mayer Forced To Admit That She Let Your Mom’s Email Account Get Hacked

For example, here is one of the largest tech companies making horrible decisions about 500 MILLION accounts being hacked. I have little faith in anyone when it comes to data security except for Troy Hunt. Is it too late to elect him Data Security Czar?


California OKs Self-Driving Vehicles Without Human Backup

Because it seemed weird to not include yet another link about self-driving cars. 


BlackBerry To Stop Making Smartphones

The biggest shock I had while reading this was learning that BlackBerry was still making smartphones. 


Fake island Hy-Brasil printed for 500 years

I'm going with the theory that this island was put there in order to catch people making copies of the original work, but this article is a nice reminder why crowd-sourced pieces of work (hello Wikipedia) are often filled with inaccurate data.


At Microsoft Ignite last week patrick.hubbard found this documentation gem:


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