I'm at Microsoft Ignite this week, so if you are at the show please stop by the SolarWinds booth and say hello! I'd love to talk data, databases, and bacon with you, not necessarily in that order.


Here's a bunch of stuff I thought you might find interesting, enjoy!


Oracle's Cloudy Future

Last week was Oracle Open World, and we saw Larry Ellison talk about how much better Oracle Cloud is when compared to AWS. Read this and understand why Larry is wrong, and why Oracle is falling behind. In short, they are the new IBM.


The War On Cash

Long, but worth the read. My first thought was about the Star Trek future where money wasn't needed, and perhaps eliminating cash is the first step towards that. If so, then things will get worse before they get better.


Oh, shit, git!

Using Git? That's great! Make a mistake? You might want to read this.


Bad Security Habits Persist Despite Rising Awareness

Because you can't fix stupid, no matter how hard you try. Apparently.


Yahoo Says at Least 500 Million Accounts Breached in Attack

See preceding comment.


Top 10 ways to secure your mobile phone

Good list of tips here for anyone with a mobile phone. I like the idea of the remote wipe, will be adding that to my toolbox.


A Digital Rumor Should Never Lead to a Police Raid

I had never thought about the civil liberties aspect of a home raid brought about by IP address details. That's probably due to the fact I've never been worried about my home being raided, either. Anyway, interesting debate here.


This is how I imagined gminks rolled into work this past Monday: