We just finished THWACKcamp last week and now we turn around and head to Atlanta for Microsoft Ignite next week. If you are at Ignite please stop by our booth to say hello! I'd love to chat with you about data, databases, or tech in general. While at VMworld I found myself getting involved in a lot of storage discussions, I suspect that next week I will be in a lot of Cloud discussions. Can't wait!


Here's a bunch of stuff I thought you might find interesting, enjoy!


What Carrie Underwood’s success teaches us about IBM’s Watson failure

Until I read this I didn't even know IBM was offering Watson as a service. No idea. None. In fact, I'm not sure I know what IBM even offers as a company anymore.


Microsoft surpasses IBM's Watson in speech recognition

Years ago I worked in the QA department for speech recognition and Microsoft invested heavily in our software. So I'm not surprised that they continue to make advances in this area, they've been investing in it for decades.


The Internet knows what you did last summer

If you want to retain your privacy, don't use computers. Everything is tracked in some way, no matter what. Data is power, and every company wants access to yours.


The Rivers of the Mississippi Watershed

Because I love data visualizations and so should you.


Ford charts cautious path toward self-driving, shared vehicles

Another week, another article about self-driving cars. You're welcome.


Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

This could have been titled "Someone is learning how to make clickbait titles and you won't believe what happens next". Do not read this one unless you have your tinfoil hat on.


DevOps and the Infrastructure Dumpster Fire

Yeah, DevOps is a lot like a dumpster fire.


This one time, at THWACKcamp, I crashed the set to take a selfie with my favorite dead celebrity Rob Boss:

rob-boss - 1.jpg