TODAY IS THWACKCAMP! Have you registered yet? I will be in Austin this week for the event and doing some live cut-ins as well. Come join over 5,000 IT professionals for two days of quality content and prizes!


As exciting as THWACKcamp might be, I didn't let it distract me from putting together this week's Actuator. Enjoy!


Ransomware: The race you don’t want to lose

Another post about ransomware which means it's time for me to take more backups of all my data. You should do the same.


How to Stream Every NFL Game Live, Without Cable

I had a friend once that wanted to watch a football match while he was in Germany and he used an Azure VM from a US East datacenter in order to access the stream. Funny how those of us in tech know how to get around silly rules blocking content in other countries, like Netflix in Canada, but ti still seems to be a big secret for most.


Why lawyers will love the iPhone 7 and new Apple Watch

Everything you need to know about the recent Apple event last week. Even my kids are tuned in to how Apple likes to find ways to get people to spend $159 on something like an AirPod that will easily get lost or damaged, forcing you to spend more money.


Delta: Data Center Outage Cost Us $150M

Glad we have someone trying to put a price tag on this but the question that remains is: How much would it have cost Delta to architect these systems in a way that the power failure didn't need to trigger a reboot? If the answer is "not as much", then Delta needs to get to work, because these upgrades will be incremental and take time.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7: FAA warns plane passengers not to use the phone

Since we are talking about airlines, let's talk about how the next time you fly your phone (or the phone of the passenger next to you) may explode. Can't the FAA and TSA find a way to prevent these phones from being allowed on board?


Discipline: The Key to Going From Scripter to Developer

Wonderful write up describing the transition we all have as sys admins. We go from scripting to application development as our careers progress. In my case, I was spending more time managing my scripts and homegrown monitoring/tracking system than I was being a DBA. That's when I started buying tools instead of building them.


What if Star Trek’s crew members worked in an IT department?

Because Star Trek turned 50 years old last week, I felt the need to share at least one post celebrating the series that has influenced so many people for so many years.


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