It's time to go to camp! You're probably thinking to yourself, "But Tom, summer's over. Camp is through. I have to go back to my boring day job."

That's not true at all! You've still got one more chance to go to camp with a group of geeks that you'll fit in with just fine. Solarwinds THWACKCamp is next week, and it's virtual! You can grab some S'mores, sit around the warm glow of your monitor, and commiserate with great speakers like Amy Lewis, Patrick Hubbard, and Stephen Foskett!

This is a chance for you to learn more about hot topics in IT. Not just the typical discussions about how SDN is going to take your job or how the cloud is the most awesome thing ever. No, these are really in-depth discussions about topics that matter to you. Like about how you shouldn't hate your monitoring system. Or how you can get started with the fundamentals of network security. There's even a flash storage panel! These are the topics that matter to the people in the trenches fighting to keep the network alive and running each day. And even if you find yourself wearing the DBA hat now and then, THWACKCamp has you covered there too.

The state of IT in 2016 is in flux more than any other time in the history of computing. Software is eating the world and proving that expensive custom hardware doesn't rule the kingdom any longer. The cloud is forcing infrastructure teams to look at their budgets and make hard choices. The cloud is also forcing application developers to change the way they write apps and never assume that something isn't going to be running all over the world at all hours of the day and night. The push toward automation and orchestration of the data center means that IT pros need to be making smarter decisions about the way things are planned so they aren't spending hours and hours fixing failures in production.

What does this state of flux mean for you? It means you need to get a leg up on everything you need to know to meet these challenges head on. That could mean sleepless nights combing through documentation for little gain. Or it could mean flying across the country to hear some "expert" drone on in an uncomfortable convention center about what their company vision is to get you to buy more things.

Instead, why don't you spend $0 and sit in the comfort of your office chair or couch and participate in THWACKCamp? You can learn about what you need to know without the need to travel or expend a fortune for no gain. Not enough? How about getting more than you bargained for? Because every THWACKCamp session has a drawing for a free fully licensed Solarwinds tool! You can't beat a deal like that!

Stop worrying about the future of IT and do something to be a part of it! Sign up for THWACKCamp today. It costs nothing and provides more than you could have bargained for. Good discussions, important topics, and a chance to get some free tools. You have nothing to lose, so sign up now!